At the end of the 1 year sojourn in the forest, Arjuna and Subhadra get back to Khandavaprastha. When Arjuna goes to meet Draupadi, she throws a tantrum, because of Arjuna‘s new alliance with Subhadra. “Go where that cow-girl woman is Arjuna”, she cries and keeps on yapping how it is the first tied knot that has come loose. Arjuna has arranged to introduce Subhadra to Draupadi. Subhadra is wearing an expensive red silk dress at that time. Arjuna quickly makes her change into the dress of a cow-girl. When she finally meets Draupadi, on Arjuna‘s advice, Subhadra takes upon a subservient attitude. Because of these concilliatory measures Draupadi is appeased.