What happens next is very fluky. Bhima and Arjuna escorts the princess to their temporary dwelling place at the potter. Mother Kunti is inside. Bhima and Arjuna calls out to their mother. “Mother, look what we found today”. Mother replies from inside, “Whatever it is, share that together”. Kunti now realizes that she had unwittingly asked to ‘share Draupadi‘. But she pedantically clings to her words. She wants Draupadi to be shared by all five of her sons. The Pandava brothers who are all looking at the glorious Draupadi, with lust and love in their eyes agrees to the pact. Yudhistira proclaims, “Draupadi shall be our common wife”.

Kunti‘s motives for having Draupadi as the common wife is as follows. Only if the five brothers stand together, can they survive. If they marry separately, it is likely that they will go on separate ways. Draupadi, as a common wife, is smart enough to stand as common uniting force.