One night Kunti found her host Brahmin family, in an unhappy situation. It was the turn of that family to send somebody to Baka, the cannibalistic landlord of Ekachakra, for sacrifice,

The Brahmin, his wife and his daughter each volunteered to go. Their toddler son seeing his parents cry, took up a straw from the floor and said. “Dad don’t cry. I will kill Baka with this straw”.

Kunti was touched, and felt it was her responsibility to do something. She said. “I have five sons. One of whom is very powerful, who can even possibly finish off the monster. We can send him.”

The host-Brahmin now vehemently opposes this, for he is sure that Bhima would be killed, and he wouldn’t want to be guilty of sending a Brahmin (Bhima and Pandavas were disguised as Brahmins) to murder, even if the alternative means suicide.

But Kunti insists that Bhima is endowed with special powers and thus it was settled that Bhima should go to Baka.

Back in their room Yudhistira scolded his mom. “What foolishness have you done? It is under Bhima‘s might that we all live unharmed. Suppose if something happens to him?”

But Kunti consoles him. “As far as I have heard Baka is just a pot-bellied bully, who is intimidating the poor Brahmins. I have seen Bhima defeating stronger opponents.”