Bhima‘s superior strength and Arjuna‘s other accomplishments, and the general debonairness of the Pandava princes were thorns that stuck in Duryodhana‘s mind causing him insomnia.

When the townfolk began talking as if Yudhistira could be the next king, Duryodhana decided to take the matter to his dad.

The blind man had just finished the daily evening oblation of rice and milk, when Duryodhana requested a confidential audience with the king.

Duryodhana lets out his pangs of jealousy. “We cannot let the Pandavas be the next rulers of Hastinapur, for then, your sons would be delegated to unimportance. So act now, and send them in exile, till I consolidates my position in the kingdom”

But Dhritarashtra is undecided about that.

“Pandu, was my brother and never treated me as a rival. His sons are also to me like that. Besides, what will the people say? Further, the granddad Bhishma and the teachers Drona and Kripa would object to any such measures”. Dhritarashtra objects.